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Since the dawn of time (or early 1900s, take your pick), moving pictures and the cinema were the perfect duo. Like Bonnie and Clyde, Batman and Robin, Garth and Wayne. They were synonymous with dinner and a show. The perfect date night: easy to plan, predict and budget for. But a lot has changed since a Charlie Chaplin premiere. Especially technology.

Not only have digital streaming services, movies on demand and popular cable shows come to rival Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, the ability to enjoy your favorite movies at home has also become increasingly affordable and gratifying. In fact, the experience at home might be even better than a night out at the movies.



Distributed audio & video allows a single video or audio source, like a cable box or streaming music player, to be shared between multiple TVs and speakers throughout the home. This can provide some pretty amazing advantages. The biggest of which is minimizing the amount of sources you would need for every room in your house. For example, if you have six TVs in your home and would like to watch cable on all six of them, you will need to have six different cable boxes, each one requiring a separate monthly fee. And how many times would you actually need to watch all six receivers at the exact same time anyway? Distributed audio and video let’s you use just two or three source devices for all of the TVs and speakers in your home, saving you space and money.



Home automation gives you the luxury of simplifying control and keeping tabs on your home at all times.  You can remotely monitor and control your security system, cameras, lights, door locks, garage door, heat and air conditioning and irrigation systems as well as watching TV or listening to music in any room with the touch of a button or simply asking Alexa! 



Take your games to the next level!

wifi that works


Imagine WiFi in your home that actually works in every room, delivering the speed you pay for from your internet provider and being able to make it safe with advanced intrusion and content filtering keep you and your family safe from hackers and unwanted, inappropriate content.  That dream is now a reality.  

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